International Removals



European Removals

Swans Removals are the ideal company for your International Removals Quote.  Our most frequent destinations are Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam and Madrid. We can offer dedicated or part-load relocations to every European destination. Our road crew speak many different languages, enabling us to communicate well at all times.

A dedicated move involves loading the goods on a date to suit you and delivering them as soon as possible. Therefore, this is generally the best option for a removal where time is of the essence. Because we are members of the International Association of Movers  we have an excellent network of support.

If you have a lesser volume to move, or price is an important factor, we can offer a part-load basis. A part-load removals quotation is where we collect the goods on a date to suit you and deliver them to suit our schedule. Because you are sharing costs with other customers, great value is to be had.

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Swans Removals overseas shipping

Swans Removals’ staff can ensure that your possessions are relocated across the world with absolute attention to detail and care. 

As members of IAM – the International Association of Movers – we have a global network of agents and partners to undertake the final leg of your overseas removal. 

Swans can take care of the packing, wrapping, shipping, customs clearance, delivery and unpacking. 

The two main types of overseas shipment are groupage and dedicated.

A dedicated container shipment does exactly what you’d expect – you have your own 20ft or 40ft container.  your goods are loaded immediately, then shipped to your new home abroad. This is almost always the quickest method.

If you are shipping a small amount of goods, then groupage may be more appropriate. Your goods are collected on a mutually agreeable date, then taken to our depot, where we consolidate them with other consignments and send them on their way. This method may take a little longer as we have to tie the collections and deliveries together, but you get the benefit of sharing costs.

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